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Economic Policy

AAP Manifesto 2014

Aam Aadmi Party has announced its manifesto for the 2014 Elections. It lays its foundation of the Manifesto on "Swaraj", or rule of the people. It talks about how swaraj can bring an end to corruption and ensure accessible justice for the people.  Read More

Honest Politics – Key To Good Governance & Economic Growth

The two great traits of leadership are courage & sacrifice. I can say this with my hands on my heart – I saw them both in Arvind like I have not seen in any politician in India, any by the virtue of being at Bajaj I have met quite a few…There is no greater human virtue than sacrifice – Rajiv Bajaj

To me, the Lokpal Bill was not another law…For the first time, we were making an effort to address who were the gatekeepers of the law. For the first time, the question of implementation of the laws was being addressed – Amit Aggarwal

Watch the Hangout on this page.  Read More

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