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Clear conflict of interest of Nitin Gadkari

Mr Gadkari has not been able to deny any of the facts mentioned in the news story published by the Indian Express on Tuesday. He has not denied that Purti Green Technologies Pvt Ltd, is now owned by his brother-in-law. The former BJP President has also not disputed the fact that the company is part of the Purti Group, which was founded by him. By today saying that Mr Gadkari “has no commercial interest whatsoever with the e-rickshaw manufacturing sector”, he has tried to mislead the country. Read More

Corruption and Legality

There is a common misconception, that if something is legal, then it is not corrupt. Most people in India make the mistake of equating corruption with illegality. This is not the case. A verdict of "guilty" usually means guilty of transgressing judicial legality (i.e. breaking a law). However, one may do something that is totally legal, yet it can demonstrate corruption.

Many Corporations employ an army of Lawyers, Accountants and PR personnel, to blur this divide (between illegality and corruption). They argue that because their acts were not illegal, they are not corrupt. From the recent CAG report on RIL, it has been revealed that RIL has inappropriately sunk many millions of dollars as the cost of producing gas in the KG-6 Oil basin, thereby reducing the government’s share of revenues. RIL can argue in Courts, again using these Lawyers and Accountants, that what they did is standard practice. Nothing illegal has been done! They further employ PR people to get the public to doubt if they have done anything wrong. Read More

Chitale committee report validates AAP stand on Maharashtra Irrigation Scam

Chitale Committee Report, recently tabled in the Maharashtra legislature, highlights the irrigation scam that Anjali Damania and Vijay Pandhare of AAP had highlighted some time back. Nitin Gadkari was alleged to have benefited from the scam.

Below are points on the irrigation scam as brought out by the Chitale Committee Report, as reported in 8 news-reports which are listed at bottom :


What does the defamation case mean for Gadkari?

For the first time, Nitin Gadkari will have to provide answers to the following questions and these will be available in the public domain as well as for judicial interpretation. Nitin Gadkari will have to explain 

  1. How he aquired his property, power & sugar companies as well as the 100 acre land in Nagpur
  2. Why the addresses of certain Purti group of companies are incorrect? 

High Court hearing in Arvind Kejriwal's matter

Kejriwal on Tuesday accepted the proposal of the hon’ble Delhi High Court to furnish a personal bail bond for his release from the Tihar Jail, and the court has made it clear that the issue of whether such bonds are a mandatory requirement, will be subject to the final outcome of his petition, listed for hearing on July 31.

In his petition filed in the High Court, Kejriwal has raised the issue of whether it is correct to seek bail bonds and sureties from people who are summoned by courts on complaints filed in cases like that of criminal defamation. This question will be settled by the High Court, when it will deliver its verdict on Kejriwal's petition. Read More

Arvind Kejriwal accuses Nitin Gadkari of grabbing farmers' land

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: India Against Corruption (IAC) activist Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday accused BJP national president Nitin Gadkari of being involved in corruption in irrigation projects in Maharashtra, but the main opposition party quickly dismissed the charges as "laughable". Read More

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