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Mr Prabhat Jha - it is your govt which has left Tomatoes only for the rich

The Aam Aadmi Party questions the BJP’s silence on a remark of its senior national leader who considers eating Tomatoes as a parameter of prosperity ? It is shameful that a national office-bearer of the ruling party has attempted a cheap poetic banter on an issue that is suffocating the aam aadmi. Mr  Prabhat Jha has insinuated that only the rich eat Tomatoes. It is only a half truth since it is the government run by his party, which has turned Tomatoes into a rare commodity since last two months.

In the past one month alone, Tomato prices have risen by over 200 per cent in many cities, with Delhi being one of the worst hit, where the prices have skyrocketed by nearly 250 per cent and a back-breaking 300 per cent in Mumbai.

Onion prices have risen by 50 to 70 per cent. There is no fall in production or arrivals in wholesale mandis but the prices are still rising. So Mr Jha is partially correct in saying that Tomatoes are unaffordable, but the big question is who is responsible for making it an eatable for a select few with high purchasing power ? Read More

After onion, it's tomato and potato to follow: Where is government?

After onion, it's tomato and potato to follow: Where is government?
# Tomato prices touch 100 rupees per kg
# Potato prices also skyrocket
# Government steps wholly inadequate

Two months after assuming office, the Modi Government still seems to be groping in dark on how to tackle the rising prices of essential commodities. The way prices of essential commodities have gone up in recent past, it shows the government has completely lost control over the state apparatus and is still looking for a policy direction vis-a-vis price rise and inflation. Read More

Union Budget a damp squib

The party feels that the Budget presented by the Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley has disappointed the Aam Aadmi who had great expectations from the Modi government, especially on the issues of price rise and job creation.  On these two issues the budget offers nothing.

People had expected some concrete and long term steps from the government in the direction of curbing price rise and generating job opportunities. Apart from this, the budget also does not spell out government’s plan to deal with impending drought when the agriculture sector is facing acute stagnation.

The Aam Aadmi Party wants to remind the Finance Minister that his party had promised to the people a slew of measures to curb price rise and inflation. These measures included setting up of special courts to stop hoarding and black marketing, but it did not find mention in the Union Budget presented today. Read More

Modi government forgets electoral promise, does nothing to curb inflation

The Aam Aadmi Party wants to remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi that his party in its manifesto had promised, “Our immediate task will be to rein in inflation.” The Aam Aadmi Party wants to ask the government what immediate steps it has taken so far to tackle price rise and food inflation. The BJP manifesto had also said that a group of Chief Ministers headed by the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had given a report to the centre in March 2011 detailing what steps could be taken to contain inflation, but the report was not acted upon by the UPA government. This report is now gathering dust in Mr. Modi’s office. If he thinks that his recommendations had some substance, it’s time for him to implement the same.

A simple observation of the retail and wholesale market shows that there is no serious supply constraint in case of onions. It’s only price manipulation by the middlemen which is causing steep rise in onion prices. Instead of importing onions to ease supply, dealing with hoarders with an iron hand would have yielded results and also would have saved precious foreign currency. But for that the government will have to crack the whip on hoarders and go beyond issuing customary advisories to state governments. Read More

Aam Aadmi is burdened by the government

The Aam Aadmi Party is shocked over the steep hike in passenger fares and freight charges announced by the Railways ministry on Friday. This happens to be the second hike in eight months and the steepest in the recent past.

The Railways, which ferries 25 million people everyday, is the lifeline of the country and the principal mode of conveyance for the Aam Aadmi. The common man of the country feels cheated today as the BJP had promised to bring down prices and get the common man rid of hardship. While burdening the common man with face hike, the NDA government did not take the fact into account that the average railway passenger is poor and has missed out on the benefits of two decades of surging growth.

What worries more is the fact that 6.5 per cent hike in freight charges will further push the inflationary pressure and prices of the essential commodities will further go up. It is baffling that the government did not even wait for the regular Railways budget and hiked the fare. Read More

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